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Terms of Use

It is important that all users visiting our website read the following terms carefully.

Onurforma.com.tr website and all sub-pages connected to it are the property of Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL. All users who shop on our website are deemed to have accepted the following terms.

All users who shop on our website and its affiliated sub-sites are deemed to have accepted that they are over the age of 18 and have read and understood the contract.

The parties are deemed to have accepted the relevant rights and obligations on the site of the contract on onuforma.com.tr and declare and undertake that they will be fully fulfilled.

1. Responsibilities

a. Onur Tekstil has the right to change the prices of all products and services on the Fatih UYSAL website.
b. Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL undertakes that users will benefit from the services or products they receive, except for any problems or technical disruptions that may occur.
c. Members or users (visitors) are deemed to have accepted that legal proceedings will be initiated against all grievances and damages from third parties, such as creating or having a similar site built from the source codes of our web page or by reverse engineering method.
D. Members and users may be terminated for reasons such as immoral, pornographic, damaging to society, harmful, illegal, in all their transactions on the website, as well as force majeure, and the user account may be closed or suspended for any reason that may be the subject of victimization.

E. The member accepts in advance that he is responsible for all relations between members on our website.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

a. Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL is the owner of our brand "Onur Forma Green White", our business name, all registered or unregistered intellectual property rights on the website. Its use in any national or international platform is only possible with the written permission of our company, otherwise it declares and accepts to be a party to the legal struggle.
b. Any technical or non-technical information on the website may not be copied, reproduced or used on another website without written permission.

3. Confidential Information

a. On the Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL website, information such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address of all users are considered confidential information.
b. All users can use the information considered as confidential information for purposes such as campaigns, advertising promotions, or create advertising campaigns for the hospitals or institutions they are affiliated with.
c. In case of need, confidential information can be shared with official institutions and organizations upon request.

4. Guarantee

The articles of the contract are valid at the maximum values ​​allowed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey, and all the subjects, user, member information and site design materials covered by Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL are suitable for marketing activities and are not considered as a warranty condition except for force majeure.

5. Ensuring Registration and Security

All users who are members are obliged to enter all user information correctly without any problems in product delivery, and in case of violation, the member account is terminated. It is his own responsibility to keep or share the security key (member password) created by the member, and Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL cannot be held responsible for any possible victimization.

6. Force Majeure

not under the control of either side; Contracting parties cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss of rights that may arise due to natural disasters, extraordinary disasters, public uprisings, epidemics, internet infrastructure problems, electrical failures, etc.

7. Dispute Resolution

Elazig Courthouse is authorized for the resolution of problems that may arise from any dispute that may arise in or out of the contract articles.

8. Evidence and Contract Principles

All documents and digital data will be considered as evidence in accordance with the law of civil procedure no. 6100 in the dispute that may arise on contractual issues on both sides, and the members are deemed to have accepted that they will not object in any way.

9. Contract Integrity and Applicability

If any or more of the contractual clauses are invalid, the other clauses remain valid.

9. The Right to Amend the Contract

Onur Tekstil has the right to use the right to make changes in all information and documents that will be considered official, such as all information, contracts, terms of use, return conditions, exchange conditions on the Fatih UYSAL web page, for an unlimited period of time.

10. Amendments to the Contract

Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL reserves the right to make changes in all or part of all contracts and principles for an unlimited period of time. Members and users are obliged to follow the updated contract or changed conditions.

11. Notification

It accepts that all correspondence will be made at the current address in case of dispute, based on the address information entered, not changed or updated by the member while becoming a member, and is responsible for notifying us within 5 days in case the information changes. Otherwise, the information in the database of Onur Tekstil Fatih UYSAL will be considered correct.